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April 11 2017

Niko Shefer is an educator with the University in South Africa, spend significant time in English writing. Niko has many years of experience and appreciates working with who and what is to come. 

To help more youngsters, Mr. Shefer likewise devotes his opportunity to filling in as a young clergyman through his neighborhood church.

As an educator and a clergyman, Niko Shefer has enhanced incalculable lives and plans to keep doing as such for a considerable length of time to come.

April 04 2017

Niko Shefer: Helping Others

Niko Shefer is a scholastic and a kind soul whose profession and life have based on helping other people. He by and by works with the University in South Africa, as a teacher in English writing, and has served in different areas around the globe as an instructor.

Aside from functioning as an educator, Mr. Niko Shefer gives his opportunity to working with youth through a neighborhood church and rehabilitates tortoises in his extra time..
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